Performance Management: Putting Research into Practice

Performance Management: Putting Research into Practice


Performance Management: Putting Research into Practice
Publisher: Pfeiffer | Pages: 704 | 2009-08-31 | ISBN 0470192321 | PDF | 2.3 MB

There has been a shift in HR from performance appraisal to performance management. A new volume in the SIOP Professional Practice Series, this book contains a broad range of performance management topics, offers recommendations grounded in research, and many examples from a variety of organizations. In addition to offering state–of–the–art descriptions of performance management needs and solutions, this book provides empirical bases for recommendations, demonstrates how performance management tracks and helps promote organizational change, and exams critical issues. This book makes an ideal resource for I/O psychologists, HR professionals, and consultants.

"In this comprehensive and timely volume, Smither and London assemble an exceptional collection of chapters on topics spanning the entire performance management process. Written by leading researchers and practitioners in the field, these chapters draw on years of research and offer a blueprint for implementing effective performance management systems in organizations. This volume is a ′must–read′ for all those interested in performance management."
–– John W. Fleenor, Ph.D., research director, Center for Creative Leadership

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Corporate Performance Management


David Wade, Ron Recardo - Corporate Performance Management: How to build a better organization through measurement-driven, strategic alignment
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann | 2001-06-29 | ISBN: 087719386X | PDF | 225 pages | 7.46 MB

Business experts, business economists, and organizational psychologists agree that a specific business strategy must be chosen for a corporation to excel. Beyond the strategy, companies must have a performance measurement system that ties every aspect of the organization - from the boardroom to the factory floor - to the strategy.
In their book 'Corporate Performance Management', noted authors David Wade and Ron Recardo show companies how to craft a strategic focus and create sound business strategy by using a unique and pragmatic performance-measurement system. Concepts in the book are illustrated by 'real world' case studies. It provides tools and techniques to show how to apply the concepts within an organization.
David Wade is the director of performance measurement for Aetna, Inc., and the author of several business-related books and articles.
Ron Recardo is the founder and managing partner of The Catalyst Consulting Group, L.L.C. The author of several articles and books, he is a frequent speaker at meetings of professional associations, trade groups, and senior executives.

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Corporate Performance ManagementCorporate Performance Management by ARIS in Practice

Corporate Performance Management: ARIS in Practice


Corporate Performance Management
Springer | 2006-02-27 | ISBN: 3540307036 | 275 pages | PDF | 6,8 MB

The methods and tools presented here guarantee a continuous and automated monitoring of the corporate performance and enable Business Process Excellence to be permanently established in the company by company-internal and company-external benchmarking. The articles in this book focus on the use of the ARIS Controlling Platform developed by IDS Scheer.

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