Guys today onwards no need to download youtube videos on mobile  from external link you can download Them directly into your mobile with a few steps
Download Video Directly From Youtube Using Opera Mini

First Step copy the java script script in box below

Now Follow every step shown in pictures below:

 After you have copy the script above click the menu on operamini and choose bookmark
 Paste the scripts into address bar
 Go to youtube and search any video you'd like to download
 After you have determined the video that you want to download scroll down the page and Click "Desktop" to view the web version

This is how look like desktop version
  When the desktop version click  bookmark again
And choose the Trick youtube that you have bookmark just now and click on it
When the page reload zoom in
You will see the "Download" Category appear click the download look at the picture below

 Thats Now Your Video Will Start Download in Your Desired Format.

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