Recently, i saw many people have been report that their computer or removable drive has disk virus but they don't know how to remove this virus.This virus will slow down the computer performance by increasing the cpu usage and it has more bad effects.Many people that don't know how to solve this problem end up with formatting his/her computer or removable drive that may have chance to lose some important files.So i'm going to give you a tutorial on how to remove this shortcut virus from your computer or your removable drive.

1. Disabling the autorun.inf
    Its easy,you just need to remove it's contains
    Go to My Computer > Search > All files and folders > File name - autorun.inf , Look in - My Computer
    or the infected drive , More advance options - Check the Search hidden files and folders > Search
    Right click the autorun.inf > Ctrl + A > Backspace > Save and you're done! :)

2. Use an excellent antivirus and antispyware
    I recommend you to use there antivirus and Super Antispyware (Don't worry its free)
    i ) Click here to download Antivirus Avira Personal. Click here for Microsoft Security Essential.
   ii ) Click here to download Super Antispyware
  iii ) Scan your computer or the infected drive with these 2
       softwares.If you have more time, you can scan the whole
       system so that it can remove all the viruses and spywares
       in your computer :)
       Note: Please scan the software after it is downloaded :)

   3. Unhide hidden files and folders
       Manual Way:-
       Actually your files and folders are not lost. The virus has made the files and folders become super hidden.
       Go to My Computer > Tools Tab > Folder Options > View > Look for Hidden Files and
       Folders >
       Click at Show hidden files and folders > Check the Hide extensions for known file types and Hide
       protected operating system files > You can see the hidden files and folders now :)

       If that didnt work, you can try this step:
       Start > Run ( Command Prompt ) > Type in 'cmd' > Type the infected drive.eg - F: >
       Type in 'attrib -r -a -s -h *.*' > The folders and files should be unhidden by now.
       Your results should be like this:

       Easy way:-
       Use the Hidden File Tool software to reveal the hidden files and folders.
       Click here to download the Hidden File Tool.
       Note: Please scan the files after it's downloaded :)
       After you've finished doing the manual or the easy way. The result should be like this picture:

As you can see, the virus name can be buoemx.exe,cxpoaxx.exe and others.Just delete the virus and the autoron.inf files and you're done! Your computer is cleaned from virus and spyware by now! :)
If you have anything to ask, feel free to leave a comment ^^

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