Once you have decided to go abroad, applying for a passport is mandatory. Once that is done, checking its status from time to time is the next most important task to be taken care of. There are many ways through which the status can be checked.
passport status

1. Status – by Online Tool

In above Passport Status Check Tool, Enter 7-Character File Number and Date of Birth and press “Submit”. The status which is updated by the National Informatics Center, New Delhi, will be provided by the respective RPO from where the application has been filed.

2. Passport Status – via SMS

All you have to do is send an SMS from your mobile phone to 55352 in the format “PPTAP FileNumber”. For example, to receive the status of the passport application with file reference number HYDR01234517, you will send the SMS message, PPTAP HYDR01234517. This information is accessible through any mobile and is not case sensitive. The reply that you receive will be something like, “RPO HYD :R01234517: Passport has been dispatched on 10-01-2012 vide Speed Post No. S123457″. If your file number is invalid, you shall receive a message saying, “Please send your File Number as per the format HYDB00012309″. This SMS facility is chargeable.

Check using SMS short codes.

Your application status and ID status can be tracked both online as well as through SMS. The applicant can either go to the National Registration Bureau (NRB) Services to check the ID status and the Immigration Services for passport status, directly.
NRB – The short code used in NRB is 2031. They help us in:
  • Tracing the status of the ID processing by sending the 9 digit serial number mentioned on the application to 2031.
  • In case the applicant wants some assistance, he can type HELP and send it to 2031.
  • In case of a query, he can type NIDQUEST, then type the question and send it to 2031.
  • If he wishes to send a comment, he can type NIDCOM, type the comment and send it to 2031.
Immigration – The short code used in Immigration is 2032. These services include:
  • Tracing progress in the process by sending the 9 digit tracking number issued on the application to 2032
  • In case of any help required he can type HELP to 2032.
  • For a query he can type PPQUEST, type the question and send it to 2032.
  • To send a comment he can type PPCOM, type the comment and send it to 2032.

Status – by IVR

You can also call at the Government’s National Passport information line where automated information is available 24×7. The number is (877)487-2778. The operator is available between 6 a.m. to 12 p.m. on week days (Monday to Friday) and 9a.m. to 5p.m. on weekends. (Saturdays and Sundays) in case you want added information. The Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) is a round the clock service which was launched to know about police verification through a call or a SMS, where the applicant can either call or send an SMS at 55352 to track the passport status. This service can be availed at Rs 3/minute in Hindi, English and Telugu. It is available with Uninor, Tata Dokomo, Airtel, Reliance,Tata Tele Services etc. BSNL offers SMS services for Rs.2/ . In order to get the status, the applicant must type PV, space, File Reference Number and should send it to 55352.

Alternate Ways to check your Passport Status and Some Safety Tips

    • You can also hire an independent expediting service. Although this is slightly more expensive, but if you are running short of time to catch a trip, this might save a lot of hassles giving you more time to attend to other details.
    • Your passport contains all your vital information, and if it happens to fall in the hands of criminals it can be misused. So always take care to log out after checking your online status, especially if it is not your personal computer. It is advisable that you delete all the cookies along with your browsing history. Cross check the number you have dialed if you wish to avail the information on phone, or check your address twice if you are logging onto the internet too prevent your personal information from being shared. If you are providing information over the phone see that your connection is not tampered.
  • As it is a lengthy process which takes about 4 to 6 weeks, delays are bound to occur. To avoid anxiety it is always advisable that you have adequate time in hand, before applying for a passport, although the facility of being able to check your application status has reduced a lot of anxiety.
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