How to find out the lost PAN number ?

You can trace out your PAN number from the below given web site by giving your name and date of birth.
Other ways to find your PAN card number.
1. From your Income Tax returns which you have already filed.
2. Credit Card if any
3. From Demat account & Bank account
4. The covering letter that come along with the PAN card.
5. Through the PAN application counter foil numbers which you have obtained at the time of PAN application. If the slip contains acknoledgement No. in 15 digit, it is a NSDL application. If it contains 9 digits application number and 9 digit coupon number, then it is a UTITSL application. If you have those numbers then try from the following websites.
 NSDL for 15 digit number:      https://tin.tin.nsdl.com/tan/StatusTrack…
 UTIISL for 9 digit numbers:   http://myutitsl.co.in/intra/web/pantrack…
After obtaining the PAN number apply for a Duplicate PAN card in this way:
  • You need to fill a form named: “Request for new PAN card or/and changes or correction in PAN data”. More details are in the below website:
  • Applying for a Dup.PAN card is almost like applying for a fresh card. The application form will cost Rs.5/- and you have to pay Rs.67 as fee. Produce address proof again, again a new photo etc. Do not change your name, your fathers name and your date of birth if the same is correct in the lost PAN card. Otherwise you can change them if they are not correct.
Where to get forms & apply: (Find your nearest agent)
  • In the rules it is written to obtain a Police FIR for obtaining a duplicate PAN card. But it is not necessary. Do not take the risk of obtaining Police FIR.
  • Follow the procedure to apply for duplicate PAN Card .

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