How-To use Notepad log file as a personal diary.
Here is the simple trick to use notepad as personal diary to record your important data by creating a log file in notepad which can record your meetings, assignments and special events. This notepad diary will help in recording your all major events in order of time as they occurred. Just follow the simple steps below to use notepad as your personal diary: -
  • Go to Start menu
  • Open a new blank Notepad file.
  • Type .LOG (Case sensitive) in first line of notepad document opened. Press Enter.
  • Save As file by a name as per your choice.
  • Now open that saved Notepad file. You will see time and date have been inserted in a line just above the line having cursor. You can write any note here. Date and time above this note will convey about the time when the note was written. After entering your note, save the changes and close  notepad.
  • Now each time when you open that notepad file, it will repeat the above process. It will insert date and time of that particular day when you tried to open notepad log file.
  • You can enter your comments or notes just below that date and time.
This will help you in recording your all personal experiences as in a personal diary by using notepad. All the events will be recorded in a order as they occurred. So take advantage of this tutorial to use Notepad log file as your personal diary.

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