Iball Baton ADSL2+ Router settings tutorial
In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up an Iball Baton ADSL router for broadband internet. BSNL users in India can also set up their internet connection by following the steps shown in this article.
  • First open any web browser, say Firefox or Internet explorer on your computer
  • Go to the address This is the internet address of the modem. A pop up window will ask for username and password of the modem administrator. Login to the modem using your modem username and password. Usually, the default values of both username and password will be 'admin',without quotes.
  • You will be taken to the admin area of your modem. Look for some option called 'Quick start' or something similar to that. Select that option to continue configuring your modem.

  • You will probably be asked to select your time zone from a drop down menu. Select the time zone of your country/ area. The time zone in India is GMT + 5:30.

  • Next you will be asked to select the type of internet connection to connect to your ISPs from a list. This list usually consists of the following internet connection types: Dynamic IP address, Static IP address, PPPoE/PPPoA, Bridge mode. Select PPPoE/PPPoA from the list and click the next button to continue.
  • Next you will be asked for your username and password for logging into the internet. This username and password is entirely different from the modem username and password. You have to obtain your broadband username and password from your ISP, BSNL. You can obtain this username and password from the nearest office of your internet service provider or by calling the customer care of your internet service provider from your landline. Enter your broadband username and password and click the next button continue.
  • Now you will be asked to enter the VPI and VCI values. The values of VPI is usually 0 and VCI is usually 35. Enter those values and continue.
  • Now you will be asked to select a connection type from VC-MUX or LLC. For most ISPs, both these options work. But it is preferred to select LLC. Click the next button to continue.

  • These are the basic settings needed for the modem to connect to the internet. By now, your modem configuration should be complete. You should save your settings and reboot the modem for the changes to take effect.
  •  After reboot wait till the 'LAN', 'ADSL', and 'Act' led lights are green. It should take a minute or two to get these lights green. When these three lights turn green, it means that you are ready to go. Happy surfing!
Thanks: http://www.tricksmatrix.com

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