Learn how to resize and create new drive partition in Windows 8.1, 8, and 7 without any 3rd party software or programs using windows disk management system.
A lot of windows operating system user's doesn't know that windows has the ability to resize the partition when it is still on. Today I am going to show how to resize windows partition without using any additional software while windows is powered on.
When windows operating system are influenced by problems like security and operating speed user's tend to resize windows partition. So all the windows users, no need to panic. By the end of this post you will know how to resize your windows partition.
This method for resizing the partitions, is for all windows operating system. So let's begin.
Go to Disk Management: It is located at "Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Disk Management".
You can get there by:
  • Press the Windows + R keys and type diskmgmt.msc (or enter that command in the Search charm). Or;
  • Type disk management in the Search Charm > Settings > Create and format hard disk partitions.
Open Disk Management in Windows

Once you open the Disk Management choose the disk Or the partition you wish to edit, right-click on it, choose Shrink Volume;
Shrink Volume on Windows

  1. Choose a size you require for your partition. Size is in MB and 1024 MB = 1 GB. I am using 100 GB (102400 MB) (Windows +R keys and type calc to get to calculator)
  2. Subtract the size you came up with in step one from the number in the box Total size before shrink in MB. (In this example 102400 MB– 61440 MB= 40960 MB)
  3. Enter that number in the box Enter the amount of space to shrink in MB.
  4. Click the Shrink button.

Windows Shrinking Drive Size
You'll see empty space of your disk marked black for unallocated space. Right-click on it and choose "New Simple Volume".
New Simple Volume
You'll see a new window popped up named "New Simple Volume wizard"
  1. Click next.

  2. New Simple Volume Wizard
  3. You can use all the space or less space if you want.Click Next.

  4. Specify Drive Size
  5. You can change the drive letter if you like but it isn’t necessary. Click Next

  6. Select Drive letter
  7. Don’t change any settings in the next window "Format partition"

  8. Format Partition
  9. Click next & Finish.

  10. Completing The New Simple Volume

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