Learn how you can very easily increase and speed up the data transfer rate of old and slow flash drives, pen drives, memory cards of yours.
Do you feel transferring data from PC to flash drives sometimes feels very disturbing as it takes painfully long? Well, you are not along. It is the one of the most faced problems by PC users.
Buying a new is one solution but like you I do not want to through away my old one. Yes its slow but it still works.
Your can speed up the data transfer Rate of old flash drives, memory card, portable plug-to-play (P2P) storage device of yours just by changing the file system of and changing the device's policy from the hardware policy.
How to Speed up Flash Drive Data Transfer Rate

Follow the simple instructions to change the file system of flash drives and speed them up.
  1. Plugin your flash drive in your PC (examples are givens for windows). Go to My Computer and Locate your flash drive.
  2. Right mouse click on the flash drive's icon on the My computer (Windows Explorer) window > Click on format. If you have important data in your flash drive, don't forget to backup them.

  3. format flash drive / pen drive in windows

  4. Formating window in come up. At the window, from the file system drop down menu select 'NTFS' > Select 'Default allocation size' from the 'Allocation unit size', Uncheck 'Quick format' from the 'format options'.
    How to Format and Speedup Flash Drive Data Transfer Rate

    You have to change the file system to NTFS of your pen drive. We normally use FAT32 file system. But NTFS is better file system allowing more data transfer rate. So you have to change NTFS form system configuration to get better transfer rate.

  5. Click 'Start' button > then 'OK' in the warring box.
  6. Wait for the formatting to be finished. Do not turn of the PC or unplug the flash drive from the PC during this.
  7. When formatting is finished you will see a conformation dialog box. Click the 'OK' button and close the format window. That's you need to do to speed up you old flash drives or pen drives.
The procedure is same for any kind of flash drive, memory card, portable plug-to-play (P2P) storage device.
Change the device policy can also increase the performance of particular flash drives. To speed up the flash drive' performance you can do one additional but minor work. For this:
  1. Backup them the important files in your flash drive.
  2. Then; right mouse click on the flash drive's icon on the My computer (Windows Explorer) window > Click on 'properties'.
  3. Click on 'Hardware' tab.
  4. Find you flash drive from the All disk drive list and double click on it (or select it and click 'properties' in below)

  5. Change Flash Drive Hardware Properties in Windows

  6. On the opened window click on policies
  7. Select 'Better performance' from the 'removal policy'.

  8. Better Performace Policy for Flash Drives in Windows

  9. Click OK.

You just did all you can do. Now you will get better speed then before from your slow flash drives.
The tips here will work on all versions on windows including windows 8 and 8.1.
Sometimes we face problem with our pen drive while using pen drive for a long time or containing large amount of data. So we need to ensure that our pen drive is alright by checking them regularly. You have to check it form Tools option form pen drives properties. Here you can see if there is any kind of error by using Error-checking option.

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