A 4 Step tip for resuming download for the broken files or links in IDM (Internet Download Manager) successfully.
Internet Download Manager (IDM) is one of world's most popular download manager software. You can get this software for free but there is a 30 day full-featured trial run. Using IDM is very easy and it's due to the software's simple user interface.
Supports all major browser's; IDM integration with them is very easy and fast. No problem if your browser updates or you deleted it and installed a new version of your browser. IDM extension installation on them is super-fast.
Suppose you started downloaded something in IDM and for some reason the download progress was stopped. And when you try to resume it shows some heart breaking error message. You don't want to see them when you are downloading a large sized file. You do not have to start the download process all over again because there is a way to download these broken files with IDM. Let’s see how;
Step-1: When you try to resume a file in IDM and it's failing to; you will see a message like this in a new window;
Resume Download of Broken Files with IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Basically it means that the download link associated with it is expired. Click "OK".
Step-2: A new window or tab will open in your browser (default); it should be the page where you got the download link in the first place. Also during this you will see a small wing like this;
Resume Download of Broken Files with IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Find the link in the opened webpage and click it. This window will go way and the downloading should start from where you left it. If it did not you should follow these steps below.
Step-3: The first two steps here should work for you. But sometimes they don't. Now if the window with "Stop waiting" button is on then click it to close the window.
You need to go back to the webpage (where you got the download link) that was opened by IDM is step-1 and step-2. Click the download link again. Now a new "Download file info" window will open. Copy the link from the "URL" box in that window.
Start Download of Broken Files with IDM (Internet Download Manager)

Step-4: Now go to the main "IDM" window by the icon in the notification area; if it's not there start the software. Find the file you are trying to download and double click (or, right click>properties) on it. In the opened window; paste the copied URL to the "Address" field and click "OK". Try to resume the file and it will work.
Properties for Resume Download of Broken Files with IDM (Internet Download Manager)
Step-5: While getting a new link for the files if you see this window the select "" and click "OK".
These tips will solve all your broken files download problems with IDM (Internet Download Manager). Hope it's worked for you do share and comment.

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