2Captcha Registration:

You can register your free account here
Payout Process:

For each 1000 Captcha you will get 0.50$ to 1.20$ (for 1K correctly solved images)

You can withdraw your Payounts to

WebMoney - 0.5$ (Minimum)
PayPal for 3$ (Minimum)
Payza for 1$ (Minimum)
EgoPay - Coming Soon

2Captcha.com Payment Proof

Simple Captcha Images for Solving:
simple image to text decoding captcha server from 2captcha.com
Conform your wrong or suspended solved captchas:
You may conform your wrong or suspended solved captchas list available for your conformation.  It will increase your genuinty in work and also increase your reputation in work.  If reputation is increased you will get more income for every 1K (1000) captchas
wrong captcha or suspended captchas in 2captcha.com

Unknow captcha information:
If you click on "It's not a Captcha" button on work.  You will get information for those captcha images for your further reference.  You may conform for it.
Guidence for your wrongly solved images and worker ID banned reasons:
worker ID banned reasons for 2captcha.com

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