This tutorial will take you every single step of the way through creating a Windows Firewall Rule to block a specific program (whichever you want) in Windows 10.
  1. Start out by clicking the Windows 10 Start Button and in the Search section type the word firewall. One of the items that will be displayed is Windows Firewall | Control Panel. Select that one. 

  2. You’ll be presented with the main Windows 10 Firewall screen.

  3. From the column on the left side of the window, click the Advanced Settings… item.

  4. Now you’ll be presented with the Advanced section of the Windows 10 Firewall.

  5. Select the Outbound Rules item from the left-most column.

  6. Now you’ll be presented with the Advanced Outbound Rules section.

  7. This time we’re going to look in the column on the right side of the screen, titled Outbound Rules…. From this section, select New Rule…

  8. When asked which type of connection you want to block, select Program and then click the Next > button.

  9. Since you only want to block one program (not them all) – click the Browse… button next to This program path:. NOTE: you can of course block more than one program by creating multiple rules.

  10. Click through the folders on your PC until you find the Application you want to block from accessing the Internet. If you’re having trouble locating it, it’s probably in the Program Files folder, likely in a sub-folder with either the program name or company name as a part of the folder name itself. When you’ve found it, select it by clicking on it once, and then click the Open button.

  11. Click the Next > button to continue.

  12. Select Block the connection and then click the Next > button.

  13. Make sure that all three items (Domain, Private and Public) have “check marks” next to them, and then click the Next > button.

  14. Give your newly created “rule” a name and quick description, and finally, click the Finish button.

  15. You’ll be returned to the Advanced Outbound Windows Firewall Settings section.

  16. click to enlarge
  17. This time, the column on the right side (Actions) will have your newly created Rule in it!

  18. As stated earlier in this tutorial, you can do this for as many programs in Windows 10 as you’d like. You can even use the “Copy” button to create similar rules without having to go through every step again.

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