Method ►1.Follow My Steps Carefully. Hope This Will Fix Your Problem.

Step 1: Open the C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc there Will be hosts file.
Right Click on it and Open it with Notepad. ( or double click and select notepad to open)

Step 2: Right-click the hosts file than select properties and click the on security button  than click on  user Appears After the new window select the "Users" again and  tick the check box of "Full control".
Step 3: Click OK in the second window Once done right click the hosts file and open  with notepad .

Step 4.: After Opening With Notepad copy the data below,and then paste it on the notepad tonec.com www.tonec.com registeridm.com www.registeridm.com secure.registeridm.com secure.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror.internetdownloadmanager.com mirror2.internetdownloadmanager.com www.internetdownloadmanager.com

Step 5: When finished, do not forget to save, then right-click the hosts file again and select Properties, then check the sign read only.

Step 6: If "there is still a fake serial number" Appears again then fill the fields with the below given serial number

EC0Q6-QN7UH-5S3JB-YZMEK      (checked it works)

Step 7: If You Fake Serial Number Error Appears Again then please restart the computer.

Note: Please Turn off Your Internet Connection and then try the above step

Method ►2.IDM Crack And Fake Serial Number Fix { Working }*

Before getting in to the post we suggest you to turn off the internet connection and try these keys.

Turn Off Your Internet Connection and Apply Any one these Keys to Work Properly


Ok Now Let us Provide You Some Working IDM 6.23, IDM 6.25, IDM 6.27, IDM 6.26 IDM 7.1 Serial Keys and 2 Methods to Solve Fake Serial Number Fix :)

Method ►3.IDM Fake Serial Number Problem (New Solved solution)

Editing the Hosts Won't Fix the Problem in Most Cases. One of my Visitor Told that Editing Hosts Method is Not Working So i Found an Alternative Method for Fake Serial Number Problem. Follow the Simple Steps Given Below


Open your IDM Installation Directory (Normally it will be in c--> Program Files. )

look for the file named “IDMGrHlp.exe” file

Rename the file or simply delete it.

Now Search for the file named "idmbroker.exe"

Make a duplicate copy of "idmbroker.exe" and Rename the duplicate file to “IDMGrHlp.exe”

That's it Restart and Start using IDM Without Any Errors


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