The TCP/IP Guide is a complete and detailed guide about TCP/IP protocol, called an encyclopedia type of classic work in the TCP/IP field. It has clear hierarchy and structure, accompanied with a large number of illustrations and tables to aid into its verbal expression, as well as a lot of notes, key points, etc., has extremely strong readability.

In the book, the author made comprehensive introduction and full explanation to the principle and implementation of TCP/IP protocol. Not only did it describe the every protocol belonging to each layer and how they run on different operating systems, but also referred to various protocols and technologies used on the Internet.

In short, with The TCP/IP Guide in hand, you will be proficient in all core and application techniques of the underlying network! This means it can be used as textbook for computer professional students to learn the network technique and reference book for teachers, also it is suitable for the technical personnel to make network researches.

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