This book has been published for education purpose only. It does not in deem to legitimize certain steps that may be illegal under applicable law and organization policies in different parts of the world.

1.1 Hacking 
1.2 Hacker 
1.3 Classifications of Hacker 
1.4 Types of hacking attacks and techniques 
1.5 Password 
2.1 Introduction to Windows Hacking 
2.2 Registry Editor Related Hacking 
• What is Windows Registry? (Registry Editor) 
• Back up the registry 
• Ultra-speed Shutdown of Windows 7 
• Change the log-on screen of Windows 7 
• Disable or Enable USB Ports / USB drive / Pen-Drive in Windows 7 
• How to Display Legal Notice on Start up of your Windows 
• Faster Thumbnail Previews 
• Disable Right-Click 
• How to Disable or Enable Folder Options in Windows 7 
• Clean up the “Open With” Menu in Explorer 
• Add Recycle Bin to My Computer in Windows 7 
• Add Control Panel to My Computer in Windows 7 
2.3 Local Group policies related hacking 
• Want to know: What happened in your absences on your PC? 
• How to Disable Shutdown, Restart, Sleep and Hibernate 
• How to Disable Access to the Registry in Windows 7 
• Prevent access to the command prompt 
• How to show or hide Control Panel items in Windows 7 
• How to Disable Control Panel in Windows 7 
• Disable Windows Hotkeys 
2.4 Shortcuts related hacking 
• One Click Shutdown / Restart / LogOff / Sleep / Hibernate 
• How to pin My Computer to Windows 7 taskbar directly 
• Lock your computer in single click 
• Safety Remove Hardware from desktop 
2.5 Notepad related hacking 
• Dancing Keyboard Led Light Trick 
• Make your computer talk what you type! 
• Pin a drive to the taskbar 
• Shut-down the computer after conveying a message 
• Matrix Falling Code Effect 
• Make Your Keyboard Type (Any) Message Continuously 
• Continuously eject CD/DVD drives 
• Notepad trick to use it as a Diary 
• World Trade Center Notepad Trick 
2.6 Miscellaneous Related Hacking 
• Increase Windows Boot Up Speed 
• Speed up the Windows 7 
• God Mode of Windows 7 
• Unlock Hidden Themes in Windows 7 
• Create Keyboard Shortcuts for Programs 
• Invisible a folder 
• Open any folder in Command Prompt instantly 
• Open Command Prompt with right click 
• Reset windows 7 password with Simple Command 
• Watch Star War Episode IV in Command Prompt 
• Set your Shutdown Button / Power button 
• Use Check Boxes in Windows Explorer 
• Use Pen drive to fast your computer (Boost performance with ReadyBoost) 
• Secure USB Drives with BitLocker 
• Create a System Recovery Disc 
• Rotate Upside-Down Desktop Screen 
• Disable Error Reporting in Windows 7 
• Know the Exact time of Last Turn on the Computer 
• Make a Private Folder – no-one can enter, copy, cut, delete Private Folder 
• How to Make Your PDF Files Speak To You 
• Swap Mouse Right & Left Click 
• Enable / Disable Automatic Updates in Windows 7

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