WhatsApp is a cool application that is perfect for keeping in touch with your friends on the move. The application is available on various platforms like Android, iOS and Java. The App becomes tedious at times on Android devices because it uses a lot of Internal Memory on the phone, This tutorial will help you reduce the excessive internal memory usage of WhatsApp on Android.

Just so you get an idea of how much space you can gain after following this tutorial,

Before trying this method Whatsapp was using almost 41MB of my internal memory but after trying this, It reduced to less than 3MB. This tutorial will be helpful for Mid range Android owners who have low internal memory crisis. Lets start then.

As of now I have not been able to find an Application that will take backup of Data files without having Root Access. Hence this method as of now works only on Rooted Android Phones.

  1. 7Zip.
  2. Titanium Backup Android App. (Free or Donate version)

How to Reduce Memory Usage of WhatsApp.
Proceed with the steps after you have Installed 7Zip on your Computer and Titanium Backup on your Android.

Step 1. Open Titanium Backup on your Android.

Step 2. Click on Backup/Restore Tab on the app.

Step 3. Scroll down the page unless you find WhatsApp in the list > Click on the App.

Step 4. Press the Backup Button. Let it create the backup.

               Create WhatsApp Backup

Step 5. After the backup is completed, Close Titanium Backup and connect your Android to the Computer via USB or Bluetooth.

Step 6. Browse to the Titanium Backup folder on your SD Card via computer > Copy these 3 files to your Desktop.
xxxxx will be replaced by the date and random numbers on your files.
Note: Make a Backup of these files on your Hard Disk or Dropbox before proceeding.

Step 7. Right click the “com.whatsapp-xxxxxxxxxx.tar.gz” file > 7Zip > Open Archive.

Step 8. Navigate through the files unless you reach the ‘files‘ folder. The path should be as follows:
Step 9. Once you reach there, Click on the ‘Logs‘ folder and Delete it.


Step 10. Close 7Zip and you will be asked if you want to update the Archive, Click OK.


Step 11. Copy the 3 files again and Overwrite it over the existing files in your Titanium Backup Folder on SD Card.

Step 12. Open your Android Settings > Manage Applications > WhatsApp > Clear Data.

Step 13. Open Titanium Backup > Backup/Restore > WhatsApp > Restore > Restore Data Only.
That is it, Now go and check your free space in the internal memory, You will be surprised at the amount of space you gained. The only problem I found with Whatsapp was that it keeps unnecessary Logs in your memory that are no longer required. You can safely delete them from time to time. Make sure you don’t touch any other files which may lead to deactivation of your device on

WhatsApp and you will have to Re-Register it again.

Hope this helped you regain your precious Internal Memory. Share this Tutorial with your friends on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus if it helped you.

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