Meaning , Origin and growth of Merchant Banking in India
Services Offered by Merchant Bankers
Role and performance of Merchant Banks and their Importance in India
Definition, Origin, Concept and growth of Mutual Funds
Constitution and management of Mutual funds
SEBI guidelines on Mutual Funds
Merits and demerits of Mutual Funds
Types and Schemes of Mutual Funds
Performance of Mutual Funds in India
Concept of Lease and various types of Lease
Growth and prospects for Leasing industry in India
Hire Purchase, Meaning, origin and growth
Features of valid hire purchase contract
Accounting methods of Hire purchase
Factoring meaning, origin and growth
Importance of factoring and its benefits
Critically evaluate introduction of factoring and its future in India
Trace out the origin and development of credit cards
What are the benefits of credit cards to the parties
Definition, origin and growth of venture capital
Importance of venture capital and steps involved in obtaining venture capital
problems and prospects for venture capital in India
Credit rating –meaning, agencies , procedures
                            INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS  

Discuss in detail the types/modes of International Business
Write about EPRG framework
Illustrate the Environment elements in Int. Business
Write about the international trade theories
Describe the various international institutions supporting Int. Business.
Elaborate the role of Tariff and Non-tariff barriers on Int. Business
Write about regional Blocks/economic integration
Discuss in detail about WTO
Balance of Payments and India Critically evaluate
Write the impact of Global competitiveness on Int. Business
Describe Globalisation  and write the pros and cons of Globalisation.
Define CSR? Discuss in detail the Social Responsibility with Int. Business.
write about export management
What if FDI? Illustrate in detail the concept of FDI
Write about the theories and methods of FDI
State in detail the International Cultural Environment

Short Answers:

Int. Political Envt.
Int. Legal Envt.
World Financial Markets
World Bank
Joint ventures
Business Diplomacy and Negotiations
Investment Theories
Free trade areas
Economic systems
Elements of culture
Int. production decisions
Int. financial envt. 
Turnkey operations

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