Dear Readers, In this post we will share trick to download the daily newspaper of The Hindu newspaper in PDF format.
The format is – https://epaper.thehindu.com/pdf/Year/Month/Date/YearMonthDateEditionTypeofpaper.zip

Example: For 1 June 2016 Link Is Like this :-https://epaper.thehindu.com/pdf/2016/06/01/201606013A.zip

Similarly For 21 May 2016 Link Is Like this :-
Year : 2016
Month: 06              (don’t forgot “0” if month is between 1 to 9)
Date : 01                (don’t forgot “0” if date is between 1 to 9)
EDITION:             1 for Chennai
                                2 for Hyderabad
                                3 for Delhi
                                4 for Bengaluru
                                5 for Kochi
                                6 for VISAKHAPATNAM
                                7 for VIJAYAWADA
Type of paper:    A for Regular Paper
                             B for Metro Plus
                             D for Education Plus
After making this link paste it to URL address to download epaper.
If you Have any problem in Download.
Kindly share it in Comment Section below

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